Over the past weeks, the temperatures have greatly dropped. People have started their yearly home maintenance tasks. Whether it is storing their lawn furniture inside or draining their pool, it always appears like you’ve got a lot of things to do in a small timeframe.  

Your roof is one of the most crucial things to consider before the cold months arrive. You’ve got to ensure that your house is protected properly since it’s one of your major investments. An unexpected ice damming or leak during the cold season isn’t something that you want to deal with.  

Here are several tasks you should do to prepare your roof for the winter – from insulation to roof restoration Mornington Peninsula: 

Install Heating Cables 

As each year passes, the cold months appear to get worse. Most homeowners have started to install heating cables around their roof’s perimeter to equip better their house for the dropping temperatures.  

For those who don’t know, heating cables are wires that you can attach to your roof and generate heat. Heating cables have a lot of purposes, from pipe freeze protection to base floor heating. If you install it on the roof, the cables will prevent the accumulation of ice, prevent ice dams, and melt snow. Fortunately, they are easy to install. 

Roof Tune-Up 

Just like how people require medical examinations, your roof requires routine maintenance inspections. Usually, this is known as roof tune-up. You can hire a professional roofing company to visit your house and inspect your roof. They will check if your roof is prepared for the cold months. This means that will do repairs that might be required such as replacing worn-out caulking, loose metal flashing, or damaged shingles.  

Clean the Gutters 

Redirecting and gathering tree debris, snow, and water is the purpose of having gutters around the roof. The worst enemy of your house is water. You do not want it in your ceiling, basement, foundation, or any place where it can cause possible damage.  

For those who don’t know, poor maintenance in your gutter is the main cause of roof leaks. Debris such as leaves and twigs sometimes accumulate and clog the drainage system. This stops water from properly draining. This accumulated water will freeze in the winter and will greatly damage the foundation, roof, and siding of your house.  


If you install insulation in your home’s attic, you are doing something to keep the area warm. The correct insulation will keep you and your loved ones cozy, lower your utility bills, and stabilize temperatures.  

When it comes to the cold season, the right attic insulation is certainly a make or break case. Of course, you don’t want to waste energy by increasing the heating in your house. If you do this, you will end up with a very expensive energy bill. This is particularly true if your home is big.  

You should always contact a professional roofing company and have them inspect your attic for insulation. You should do this before the winter months arrive.